​​விளையாட்டுக்கான ஒரே தமிழ் இணையத்தளம் 


Jerry Holden

Jerry has been with the club for just one season but in that time he's proven to be deceptively fast and incredibly durable.

news & upcoming events

Jersey auction 

That's right. With our unveiling of new uniforms for next year, we're breaking with club tradition and auctioning off this season's jerseys for charity. Now you can have your very own Dave Hickles jersey! Or maybe you fancy yourself more of a Fritz Hendrer man. No problem. Every player's jersey will be up for bid. (Yes, yours too, Derek Hamm.) All proceeds benefit Jr. Australian Rugby. 


Fritz out of action indefinitely

It's true. The top prop in the entire league, Fritz Hendrer, suffered a devastating injury when his leg was separated entirely from his body by the notoriously bad mannered Brinks Hollow in the second half of the two clubs' recent match. Medics tended to the fallen star quickly and attempts to reattach his leg were by all counts successful. In an exhibit of unprecedented pluck, moxy, and grit, Hendrer guaranteed that he would play in the club's season ender in three weeks. It may have been the morphine talking, but if anyone can do it, Fritz will!

Fritz Hendrer

What can you say about Fritz that hasn't already been uttered a thousand times? Yes, he's hands down the top prop in the league.


Dave Hinckles

Dave has been with the club for five years now. His tackling technique is impeccable, even in mud.

player spotlight

Derek Hamm

Derek is quite the upstart. Not one to allow his diminutive stature to affect his play, Derek gets in more scrums than the other fellas combined.

Latest results

Victory is ours once again!

No one said it would be easy, and it wasn't. But in the final tournament of the year, our club once again reigned supreme over the competition with wins by the scores of 26-19, 40-9, and 26-9.  

At the tournament's conclusion, we hosted the victory chalice for the fourth time in five years. Well done, everybody! Oh, and Jerry Holden took home the tournament MVP award.